Tips on Selling Your House

How To Make The Most Money When You Sell Your House

When I began real estate, I learned that the two most critical aspects of selling a home are:

  1. Price &
  2. Condition

This has been taught in real estate for a long time. In my experience, it’s not entirely true. MARKETING is just as vital, sometimes even more so.


Professional marketing is the secret to selling your home!

How a home is marketed online determines how much attention it gets. I’ve watched houses that were priced too high end up in multiple offers because of impactful marketing presentations online. I’ve also seen the opposite – homes that sell for less than they’re worth because of poor marketing. When people ask me to sell their house, they often haven’t thought about the way they would like to market it. They’re focused on their home’s value and getting it ready for the market.

If you could choose between an old rusty Honda and a nice new BMW which would you choose? The nice pretty one, right? Online marketing is the same.

With the right presentation, buyers believe a property is better than those not listed with a similar effort. People that use skilled marketers have a much better experience than the average home seller. They experience a buying frenzy on their listing; their neighbours house gets no offers and sits on the market too long. Buyers can sense the excitement and passion around the property. It’s special. This means higher offers because people are afraid of missing out.

Real estate has transitioned from a sales business to a marketing business. Salespeople used to be the go-to for information. Now consumers can get most of the information online before they meet a salesperson. However, consumers still need the advise and guidance of a professional on certain aspects of buying and selling real estate. They don’t need to be sold to, though. They can access neighbourhood forums, agent reviews, property listings, and market statistics online. Creatively marketing online has never been more important.

I love The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Let’s say you were about to be a guest on the show. Would you want help – preferably from an expert – deciding on your clothes, your make-up and your hair, or would you just show up and hope for the best? Luckily, The Tonight Showhas a whole crew who would do that for you. Their job is to make you look as good as possible.

A listing agent does the same thing, except they are doing it with your house. They make it look amazing. Some agents will simply post a listing online and see what happens. Don’t use them! Hire the agent who’s passionate about making your home look incredible online.

To help, here are some Tips on Selling Your House:

Professional Photography

Photos are vital in marketing; they’re the first thing people see. If your photos are bad, buyers won’t bother with other forms of marketing used to list your home. Here are some photography tips that you should be aware of to help you establish your listing agents grasp of the area.

HD Video Walkthroughs

Video is the most powerful tool for marketing real estate. The best assets of a property are shown and you can add text that shares key points about the property. You can get into buyers heads with video; in fact, it’s the fastest growing form of marketing outside of real estate.

Social Media Ads

Social media is an awesome way to get the word out about your home being listed online.

A video can be posted in a Facebook Ad that is targeted to potential homebuyers in specific areas. These ads get thousands of views and get shared all over. Very few agents pay to market their listings on Facebook and other social media. This means yours will stand out.

Everyone knows someone who needs to buy a home, and social media is a great way to get your listing in front of people within hours.

Professionally Designed Materials

Graphics can be used on property pages, videos, blogs, social media ads, print material, and so on. Creating outstanding graphics markets your home with style that other listings don’t have. Check out the listing agent’s design materials before you work with them. It’ll tell you if their sense of design is current, or completely outmoded. Their website is a good place to go, too. It’s vital to have a Realtor who knows how to make your marketing material look awesome.

One Caveat I Must Share

All the creative marketing in the world won’t help your property if it isn’t ready to be listed. A staging specialist who can tell you what needs to be done before taking photos is critical. Top Realtors provide this service for their clients because they understand how important it is. Before you market a property, make sure it’s going to show well.

How to Choose the Best Agent for Your Listing

Would you choose to use an agent because you’re related to them, or you know them socially? Would you choose a surgeon that way? That’s the worst way to choose an agent. However, many people find their listing agent this way. Instead, check out their marketing materials. View the last few listings they sold. Compare their work with other realtors. Hiring an agent who doesn’t use technology to list your house is like trying to use a typewriter to access Facebook. It just doesn’t work. You’re hiring the listing agent to market your home online.

If you get a chance, I’d love to hear which of these Tips on Selling Your House was most beneficial to you.